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Victor H Royer

Gaming Author and Consultant

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Welcome to my New Web Pages 



My name is Victor H Royer, and for the past 30 years I have been in Las Vegas. First as a player of casino games, and then, and now, as author of gaming books, and consultant to the gaming industry. My national and international gaming columns have been in continuous publication since 1984. To date I have written 22 books about casino games and gaming, many of which are featured here on my pages. I am still writing new books, and you can see a preview at: Casino Insider Books.



Today, my many columns on casino games and gaming can be read on the Internet, and in magazines around the world. You can read some of these articles, and watch several of my videos, by clicking on the following links:



                                    Gaming Hints & Tips



                                    Gaming Articles and Casino Tips



                                             My Videos



                                             Las Vegas Live TV - Great Casino Slots - New Show now Live!





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I am also the Managing Editor of a new web site: , where you will find the latest Insider Casino News, Tips, Hints, great deals on Las Vegas, casinos, hotels, travel, air fare -- and much, much more. This web site is a venture I have created with my friend and colleague Alan Mendelson, whose TV show you can see on KCOP-13 TV in Los Angeles, as well as at this link:




My New Book


Great Gamblers: True Stories and Amazing Facts - Just released!



This is my brand new book - full of really great stories and fun facts. Take Access Hollywood plus the World Series of Poker, True Hollywood Stories, focus them on the history of great gamblers and their gambles, and you have Entertainment Tonight in bookform about gamblers, their games, and their tall tales and true stories. Great Gamblers-True Stories and Amazing Facts is just that: great and amazing!


In this book, I tell the tales of some of the world's greatest gamblers and their gambles with new and intriguing information not only from the pages of history but directly from my own experiences. I have spent 30 years in the casinos of Las Vegas; there isn't much I haven't seen, or done. But this book isn't about reminiscences. I am not writing an autobiography. Instead, this book is all about the wonderful stories from the lives of the world's greatest gamblers, as well as some of the amazing stories and facts from the world of casino gambling, and the world at large. You'll truly be amazed at these facts, stories, men, and the greatest party-time the world had ever seen: Las Vegas in the days when the booze never ran dry, the broads were voluptuous and willing, the cards and dice were always hot, and easy money for the taking.


This book is now available everywhere. Here is a link to it at Amazon: Great Gamblers





The Great American Joke Book 



This book is not about gambling, or casino games. It is about Humor. A book of jokes. I've been collecting great jokes, incredible facts and true stories for a long time. Over the years I have re-written some of them, updated others, and created some of my own. All of this is now in this really funny book.


I realize that this book is a departure of sorts for me -- especially since I am primarily known as author of books on casino games, and gaming. I am branching out into different genres of writing, and so I certainly hope you will enjoy this book as well.


There are some gambling-related stories, true tales, amazing facts, and jokes also included in this book. Here is a very small sample:



Amazing Facts!


- Did you know it's against the law to pawn your dentures in Las Vegas?



The Blonde Goes To Vegas!


Two bored casino dealers are waiting at a craps table. A very attractive blonde lady comes in and wants to bet twenty-thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice.

She says, “I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I’m completely nude.”

With that she strips naked from her neck down, and rolls the dice while yelling, “Mama needs new clothes!”

Then she hollers... “YES! YES! I WON! I WON!”


Then she begins jumping up and down and hugging each of the dealers. They pay her the $20,000 in winnings! With that she picks up her money and clothes and quickly leaves.

The dealers just stare at each other dumbfounded. Finally one of them asks:


“What did she roll anyway?”


The other answers, “I thought YOU was watching the dice!”


 -- Moral: Not all blondes are dumb



Now -- for all you iPhone users and smart-phone techies, here's a real gem:



Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?


Answer from Apple:


We have just released iChicken 12 for the iPhone 356, which replaces the iChicken APP 1-through-11, in which it is possible for the iChicken to cross all roads, including virtual. Naturally, if you use iMaps on your iPhone this won’t work, since iMaps can’t find any roads. Therefore the iChicken will be accessible only through the iMacDonald’s chicken eNuggets APP. Android users just have to eat beef.



OK, so that's about as much as I can put on this site. You can find this book at , Google Books, and all major book stores. There are links to all these sites here, below, at the bottom of this page.


Laughter is the best medicine. A Laugh a day keeps the Doctor away. Or, in some cases, gets you a free padded room.




Tournament Poker for 21st Century Casinos and the Internet



"Tournament Poker for 21st Century Casinos and the Internet” is a comprehensive guide to the play of important hands in Texas Hold’Em, as these apply specifically to tournaments.


Although it may seem as if these hands practically “play themselves”, that apparent simplicity is often taken for granted, and sometimes even without thinking. This can lead to disappointments when the outcome isn’t “as planned”. This often happens in situations in which the player takes into account only the math of poker, or only the examples that have been illustrated in past teachings. All of these are important, but what is most critical is the understanding of what this means as applied to the analysis of the situation in that moment.


In his new book, author Victor “VegasVic” Royer includes detailed discussions of Big Pairs, Ace-King, Middle-Pairs, Small-Pairs, and Suited Connectors, as these apply to the changing situations in poker tournaments. Applicable to both land-based casinos and the Internet, each of these hands is analyzed for all stages of the tourney, from early, middle, bubble, in-the-money, and short-table and shot-handed play, including final table play. Each of these hands is also analyzed from positional perspectives, such as early position, middle position, late position, and the blinds, and the play of them accordingly.


With Internet poker popular everywhere, and soon also available in the United States, this book shows you a clear path to understanding complex situations that often arise from the play of seemingly simple hands. A guide to success and strategy that enables you to better analyze your play and that of your opponents. These critically important hints, tips, strategies and recommendations show you how to think through the situations of the moment, as each appears during the ever-fluctuating course of the poker tournament.




About VegasVic




Victor H Royer, known worldwide as VegasVic, is the author of 23 books on casino games and gaming, including four books on Poker. A 30 year veteran of the Las Vegas casino scene, the Author has played hundreds of thousands of hands in all forms of poker in the famous casinos of Las Vegas, and on all of the major sites on the Internet. Today, Royer is well-known as a respected gaming industry consultant, an analyst and teacher, and continues to enjoy the world of casinos and poker every day. He still lives in Las Vegas, and can often be found playing poker in the major poker rooms of the great casino resorts on the Strip and Downtown.


For more information, please visit him at and




  Composer, Songwriter, Performer



Most people don't know that I have been living a double life -- ok, ehm, not that kind of double life. What I mean is that while I have been making a career out of gaming, all the while I have secretly been composing music, and writing songs. I have recently released several songs and albums under the name: Glenn Diamond, also Jazz music under the name: Pappy Jones, and most recently a New Age music album under the name: Hans Dorfmann. All of these albums and songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital stores. Here are links to where you can see and listen to them:



                 Glenn Diamond Music         Glenn Diamond Videos          Pappy Jones Jazz         Pappy Jones Videos       Hans Dorfmann 



I enjoy doing this, and I have been told that they are quite good. It is nice to hear praise, of course, and I certainly hope that this is so. It has taken me a long time to create these songs, and the music, and each time I learn something new, and something that I can do better.


For Glenn Diamond, the genre is mostly categorized as "modern country" and "pop-rock", as well as "romantic ballads." These are the categories into which this music seems to fall, at least as far as the distributors are concerned.


For Pappy Jones, the genre is distinctly Jazz, mostly traditional swing and New Orleans jazz, soul, and blues. I love New Orleans, and have spent good times on Bourbon Street, as well as elsewhere in the city, and enjoyed it very much. Love the cooking!




                                                My Latest Slots Book


My latest book: “New Casino Slots” is about the most advanced and cutting-edge technology of the newest casino slots, and casino slot machine games. I have obtained unprecedented access directly to the game designers and manufacturers, and this book will therefore take you directly into the world of casino slots. In this book I also showcase many of the best new casino slots available.








I recently completed a podcast at the Gambler's Book Shop in Las Vegas, Episode 49. This is an audio interview, in which I had a chance to discuss many aspects of gaming with HowardSchwartz, the fabled owner of this iconic Las Vegas historical landmark. And a few good stories as well. The podcast can be found at this link:   Podcast





                                                                    My Other Books







So far I have written 22 books in all, most of which I still available and in print. Among them is this series of “Powerful Profits” titles, published over the past several years. 


Personally, I never much liked the series title of “Powerful Profits”, but that was my publisher’s choice. I would have preferred more individual titles for each book, because that would have been more in keeping with the direction and focus of what I had in mind when I was writing them.




The entire series of 13 titles was intended as a series, to be read together, for an overall picture of the casino games and strategies which they explore. Even though some of these titles are now several years old, this does not mean that the message contained in them is also old, or no longer applicable.


Times may change, but the principles of playing casino games do not change. Nor do the games. While there are newer games now available, the fact remains that the most popular of all casino games still are: Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Live Poker, Poker Tournaments, and Craps. These are the staples. And, yes, there are many differences in between them as well.

I have also written about the other games, and the entire experience. These books contain 20+ years of my life. I spent 5 years writing them, many long hours a day, seven days a week. It wasn’t easy, but I liked doing it, and I always hoped that readers will see the human person in them, as they are reading the stories. I still do, and so I hope you will enjoy them.



Photo Gallery


Here are some interesting photos from various times in my life, and some people I have met. From time to time I will post some new ones, but I will probably put them on one of the other pages, most likely the one that says "About", on the tabs at the top of this page. But for now, maybe some of these will tickle your fancy:




This photo is from my visit to the world of Avatar, at the recent Gaming Convention in Las Vegas. The new IGT Slots machine based on the film Avatar will soon be available in the casino. It's quite fascinating, and I will soon have more information about it on my web sites. The latest news is posted at:




Powerful Poker Profits


Here I am as a very happy camper with two beautiful Showgirls. This was taken at the time I was making the Poker Videos, which you will find on my You Tube Channel at the link above, or just click on this one: Vegas Vic


One of these girls was Lanette, and she was really nice. I was, shall we say, inspired. I often wondered where she went after we made the show. I've never been able to find her since.















The picture Below is with Howie Mandel and the "Deal or No Deal" girls, taken at the G2E Gaming Convention in Las Vegas. This photo is courtesy of Spielo-Atronic, the company that makes the "Deal or No Deal" slots. It's a good game, and the slot machines are great fun. So was Howie. He's quite unique, for sure. We all had a great time.




And here, on the left, I am with another beautiful lady, one whom you may recognize. This was also taken at the Gaming Convention, and was presented courtesy of Casino Technology company.


Of course, this was not the real Paris. She was a model, but certainly looked like her.


I've met a lot of nice people at this convention, to which I go every year. In the past I also met Max Baer, Jr., whom you may know as Jethro from the classic TV show: The Beverly Hillbilies. I have a picture with him somewhere, but I have not been able to find it.


And then there was Gary Burghoff, whom you may know as "Radar" from the film and TV series: M*A*S*H. I also have a photo with him, somewhere, but it's in a file that I also can't find just at this moment.


And then there was the time I met Ann-Margret, Elvis' leading lady from that great film: "Viva Las Vegas." I love that film, and have been a big fan of Elvis. And Ann-Margret, of course! She's a very nice lady.




The picture on the left is Sam Simon, co-creator of the TV series: "The Simpsons", and Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick, on the set on the poker TV show: "Sam's Game."


I conducted an interview with Sam about this game, and show, which is a Hollywood Home Game, with poker stars mixing it up on the green felt with Hollywood stars. He's a very nice man, and it was wonderful to speak with him. The interview appeared in several publications, and I am sure it can be found somewhere on the Internet, although I have not searched for it. If I find a link, I will post it here, later.


For the time being I think this is about it for celebrity photos and gossip. I will put some more photos, and other information, on other pages here on my web site shortly, so perhaps next time you visit I will have more to tell.















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I will be adding new content soon.


Thank you for visiting!


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