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Victor H Royer

Gaming Author and Consultant

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A Short History




I live in Las Vegas, where for many years I was a professional player of casino games. Early into the 1990's the games and rules changed, and I was offered an opportunity to become a consultant to the casinos themselves, and what became known as the Gaming Industry. Throughout the 1990's I worked mainly as a consultant to casinos, gaming resort operators, and to gaming machine manufacturers. I visited every casino in the United States, and created numerous profiles of the casino games and the gaming industry.
By the end of the 20th  century, I decided to concentrate more on writing. It seemed to me that I had a lot of knowledge and information to share with people about the casino games and casino gaming, and environment, philosophy, and lifestyle. My first book, published in 1994, was still very popular, and I therefore considered writing more books about the games I played, and the casino business I knew so well.
Over the past several years have written a total of 22 books about casino games and gaming. You can see a list of my currently available titles on the Home page of this website.



Vegas Vic



My nickname is Vegas Vic. I was named after the famous Neon Cowboy, in Downtown Las Vegas. Most people who know me in and around Las Vegas call me by that nickname, which I happen to like. There are many other people who also use this nickname, but I like to believe I was the first -- or rather the second, after that Neon Cowboy -- to be so honored by such a great nickname.
There are many different biographies about me on the Web, and they are all pretty much correct. I have had quite a life, spanning the globe, and have been part of many great events in history. I now enjoy a much quieter life, concentrating mostly on my consulting business, writing, and playing poker.







In addition to the photos I have on my Home page, here are some others that have been part of my life. I will add more of them as I find them, and format them for these pages. I've had lots of photos over the years, but I haven't been exactly good at keeping them, or putting them in a place where I can find them. You see, I have never been one for flouting the people I knew, or have met. On many occasions it simply did not even occur to me to ask for a photo. At the time it just did not seem important, or something that I would want.


Now, of course, I regret that I didn't. There have been some very meaningful moments, which I now would have liked to have captured on film, or in photos. But I can still write about it, and I have done so in many articles, and in my books. I will also post some of those stories and articles here on my web pages, on the button above, marked: Articles and Blogs.




The picture on the left was taken at one of my book-signing events. I was a little chubbier then



The one on the right is the famed Cigar Dave, on whose radio show I have appeared many times.




From time to time I will add some more information here, and photos.


Thank you for visiting.


Vegas Vic